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Air Electrode RollsE-4 & E-4A Air Cathode


The Electric Fuel E-4 and E-4A Air Electrodes are designed for oxygen reduction in both low and high power applications. The E-4 Cathode is currently used in commercial applications in various alkaline primary batteries requiring high power. It can be used in metal-air batteries, AFCs, DBFCs, air depolarized batteries, or any application requiring gas diffusion electrodes.

The E-4A Cathode was developed to reduce corrosion in metal-air cells. Its specifications and pricing are the same as the E-4 Cathode.


E-4 & E-4A
Technical Specifications
  Active Layer Manganese based catalyzed carbon
  Blocking Layer
laminated porous Teflon® film
  Separator Layer laminated microporous film with non-woven (optional)
  Width 8.9 cm (custom widths up to 10 cm)
  Length unlimited / roll length 85 m
  Thickness 0.5 mm
Typical Performance
  Nominal Current Density <300 mA/cm2
  Voltage (ref. Hg/HgO)
at 50 mA/cm2 -0.050
  at 300 mA/cm2 -0.400
E-4 Manganese Air Electrode


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